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Our Holidays Specials 2022

Amuse bouche


Classic canapé 1,20€

(cooked ham, raw ham, salami,

pâté, cheese, chicken, ground)


Luxury sofa 1,40€

(smoked salmon, shrimp, tuna)


Riesling pâté slice - small €1.20


Mini brioche 6 pieces €12.00

(tuna, chicken curry, smoked salmon,

cheese, cooked ham, raw ham)


Surprise bread 50 pieces 55,00€


Cream of asparagus €4.00/pers.

Cream of mushroom soup €4.00/pers.

Returnsbritt €4.00/pers.

Lobster bisque €7.50/pers.

and its flambé scampi


Mixed ham delight €8.00/pers.

Shrimp tomato €10.50/pers.


Smoked salmon platter €14.50/pers.

Nordic plate €15.50/pers.

(smoked salmon, smoked trout, shrimp tomato)


Luxembourgish plate 13,50€/pers.

(Mixed ham, jelli, paté, salami,

Pâté Riesling, Feierstengzalot, Ierbesenbulli,



Scallop shell €13.00/pers.

Fish gratin €11.50/pers.

Nantuna sauce

Main Dishes

Wild boar stew €12.50/pers.

Venison stew €15.50/pers.

Deer stew €12.50/pers.


Accompaniments €5.00/pers.

Red cabbage, pear with cranberries and Spätzle


Prince Orloff pork €11.50/pers.

Veal Prince Orloff €15.50/pers.

Duck breast €13.50/pers.

(orange sauce or green pepper)

Ham in a crust €12.50/pers.

(mushroom or madeira sauce)

Pork tenderloin in crust €13.50/pers.

Fillet of beef in a crust €18.00/pers.

Sliced veal Zurich style €17.00/pers.

Thinly sliced fillet of beef stroganoff €17.00/pers.


Ballotine of forest chicken €9.50/pers.

Supreme of chicken with chestnuts €14.00/pers.

(honey and apple sauce)


Sole fillets with lobster sauce €19.50/pers.

(3 fillets per person)

Fillet of plaice stuffed with prawns €13.00/pers.

and its julienne of vegetables

Surf & Turf Hollandaise sauce €16.00/pers.

(veal medallion with scampis)


Accompaniments €5.00/pers.

Bunch of vegetables with

gratin dauphinois -or- rice with vegetables


“Home Made” cold buffet


local cooked ham, smoked ham,

Luxembourgish salami, homemade Jelli slice,

slice of homemade pâté, charcuterie, pâté with Riesling,

mixed tomato, grilled chicken



carrots, celery, potatoes


Sauce: cocktail




“De Luxe” cold buffet


Stuffed veal breast, cooked ham, raw ham,

roast beef, roast pork with herbs,

Ardennaise terrine, Riesling pâté,

smoked chicken breast, pepper salami


smoked trout fillet, smoked salmon,

tomato with prawns, peaches with tuna,

three fish terrine


assortment of 3 aged cheeses



coleslaw, celery, potatoes, beans


Sauces: Aioli, Cognac Cocktail, Remoulade



Buffet “From The Chef”

cold, hot and dessert

min 2 people



cooked ham, raw ham, roast beef,

Riesling pâté, Ardennes terrin,

smoked salmon, shrimp tomato, mixed egg,

coleslaw salad, beans



Roast veal “Prince Orloff”

bouquet of vegetables, gratin dauphinois


Wild boar stew

Spatzle, red cabbage, pear with cranberries



Slice of Christmas log

made by:

Klouschter Brout - Yolande Coop


3 Sweets per person




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